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About us


Castmor is a real estate company based in Barcelona specializing in the acquisition, development and redevelopment of prime real estate properties. We offer comprehensive and customized real estate solutions primarily to companies and investment groups, while maintaining our commitment to costumers seeking solvency and experience.


Thanks to its team of experienced and dedicated professionals, Castmor has built value-added and redevelopment portfolios including luxury residential, offices, retail and hotels in Spain and France for RE funds, mutual funds and High Net Worth Individuals. We are committed to effective and sustainable resource management, ongoing collaboration with stakeholders and an observance to the highest quality standards.


Castmor provides a wealth of experience in all aspects of asset management with a commitment to creating value through careful selection of properties, generation of new uses, comprehensive project management and turnkey solutions. Through our work, Castmor contributes to the economic and social progress of the environment, attracts and stimulates urban life and contributes to the development of more dynamic, active and livable cities.


Extensive experience and proven adaptability to individual project demands positions Castmor as one of the most influential and prestigious actors in the sector.


Our history


Castmor's origins date back to the early 1980s, when Félix Castilla Yánez became active in the real estate business with a focus on two main areas: new construction and building rehabilitation. Almost two decades lates, Castmor diversified its business specializing in major redevelopments of exclusive buildings  transforming properties into luxury residences and AAA offices, and always in the best locations in Barcelona.


Castmor has since expanded through the incorporation into its portfolio of hotel projects in Barcelona. The company has also expanded internationally through the acquisition of strategic assets culminating in the conversion of luxury residences, retail and a large hotel in the center of Paris.


Castmor is considered a benchmark in the sector of high standing development and rehabilitation, providing customers with innovative and effective real estate solutions.

Daniel Castilla

Project Manager &

Technical Architect

Félix Castilla


David Castilla

Executive Director

Our team


Castmor's team of dedicated professionals brings decades of wide ranging experience in all facets of real estate business. We strive to promote and enable new uses to prestigious buildings with ultimate objective of providing maximum value and highest quality to our customers. In doing so, we provide comprehensive management of all stages of property development and redevelopment:


· Careful selection of properties

· Detailed study of specific risk control

· Analysis of asset value maximization

· Exit strategy design


Castmor's team manages the entire project until the final transformation of the asset.

CASTMOR · Passeig de Gràcia · Barcelona · Spain